Respite Care


What is Respite Care ?

Are you in need of a break? Feeling uneasy about going away? We’ve got you covered!

We know there is nothing quite like a holiday to recharge your batteries. Just because you need regular care doesn’t mean that you should have to go without a break. Our Holiday Care Services allow you the flexibility to take your care with you, whenever you go, in the UK or abroad for work or pleasure. We can provide a Nurse, healthcare Assistant or Support worker to accompany you on holiday in the UK or abroad to support you with your activities of daily living.

Here at Serenity Integrated Care we provide Respite Care services this is essentially a short-term solution for passage of care from a carer who is different from your usual provider. It is understandable that as a carer you need a break from caring for someone else and have some time to yourself.

We offer this temporary arrangement using our trained carers for various types of care including assisted living, residential care, types of dementia care, nursing care or for elderly people who may need extra support following an operation or illness. Our team is on call to help whilst the regular carer takes a well-deserved break!




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