Price List and Payment Methods


.Serenity Integrated care is committed to providing seamless, adaptable and compassionate care in a home environment. Our mission is to give continuity, reliability and support to enable our service users to maintain independence and dignity; a service that can grow and adapt as needs change. With a choice of support ranging from 30 minutes calls to 24 hour live-in care, our person-centred approach means we can meet individualised care needs. 

Serenity Integrated Care also provide a range of other services such as a Helping Hands Service and a professional nail grooming service for clients. Please contact the team at SIC for further details and a price list. 

(Please note: The below  prices cover the cost of services to our private clients. Any Social Service referrals, NHS clients, or if you are in receipt of Direct Payments to help pay for your care, please contact Serenity Integrated Care for more information by using the below contact details). 

                                             Service                                    Day                              Length of Service                                        Cost

                                        Hourly visit                     Monday – Friday                             1 Hour                                                £20.00

                                        Hourly visit                     Saturday - Sunday                          1 Hour                                                £24.00

                                        3/4 Hour Visit                 Monday - Friday                             3/4 Hour                                             £15.00

                                        3/4 Hour Visit                 Saturday - Sunday                         3/4 Hour                                             £18.00


                                        1/2 Hour Visit                 Monday - Friday                             1/2 Hour                                             £10.00

                                        1/2 Hour Visit                 Saturday - Sunday                         1/2 Hour                                             £12.00

                                        Sleep-ins                         Monday - Friday                             10 Hours                                 On application

                                        Sleep-ins                         Saturday - Sunday                         10 Hours                                 On application


                                       Waking Night                   Monday - Friday               Service is charged at the hourly rate quoted above 

                                       Waking Night                   Saturday - Sunday           Service is charged at the hourly rate quoted above

                                       Live-in Care                      Monday - Friday               Price on application depending on Complexity of Care

                                       Live-in Care                      Saturday - Sunday           Price on application depending on Complexity of Care

                                      Clinical Care: £2.00 will be dded to the above rates for Clinical Care

                                     *Clinical Care includes PEG, bowel and bladder care, catheter care, Epipen, tracheostomy, support with Insulin                                                              Administration, administering eye drops and Stoma Care

Please Note:

• Bank Holidays including Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are charged at double time

• All services will be invoiced to the client monthly and should be paid within 14 days of the invoice (unless previously arranged with Serenity Integrated Care) The agency reserves the right to charge interest at 4% above the applicable base rate of ....Bank on any sums outstanding 28 days after the date of invoice

• Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice of a cancelled visit will be charged in full

We provide services to a range of clients including:

Private Funded Clients, Direct Payment Clients, Local Authority Funded Clients, NHS Continuing Healthcare Patients.

Serenity Integrated Care: Suite 214 Nile Business Centre, 60 Nelson Street, London E1 2DE

Tel: 020 3904 0931 or 020 3904 0922 (Mobile) 07957565164