Live in care ?

Live in care  is a great option for those who require high levels of support but who don’t want to sacrifice their independence or leave home.

if you have high dependency needs, complex care needs, recovering from a long stay in hospital or following a serious illness. Live In Care may be a suitable option for you .  Provided on a short or long term basis, Our objective is to ….

 Choosing live in care gives the service user complete control over their own schedule such as determining more times and creating an opportunity to forge a real bond with the care worker . Our live in care workers are all trying to provide quality support across an array of practical activities from personal-care mil preparation and running errands through to manage and correspondence there also given specialist training to accommodate particular health needs




Our live in care includes :

  • Mobility and daily activities
  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Medication administration & management
  • Personal Care
  • Care advice and guidance
  • Nail grooming

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