Frequently Asked Questions

Does Serenity intergrated Services support clients at home who have symptoms of Covid 19 or have a positive test result?
Yes, Serenity provides care and support for patients who have Covid 19. The company has safe and effective PPE, Personal Protective Equipment

All care Workers are fully trained in the approppriate and safe use of the equipment and in infection prevention and control practices

Does serenity integrated care provide short term care?
Yes, Serenity provides short term respite care and support
Are your Caregivers insured and checked?
All care workers are fully insured, the company has a comprehensive Professional. Public, treatment, and Employer Liability insurance
Can I change or discontinue the services my loved one receives?
You can change or discontinue the service within the specifications of the contract, details available in the contract and service users guide.
What are the costs of your services?
The cost of the service is dependent on your needs and the needs of your loved one.
Do you provide private nursing at home?
Yes we provide private nursing at home.
What is the minimum visit time you offer?
We offer a minimum of hourly visits.
Are you able to work with District Nurses and social services to provide additional nursing or care at home?
Yes, our integrated care model is designed to deliver holistic care we believe we are part of the larger multidisciplinary team which enables us to deliver holistic care.
How does the process of arranging a Registered Nurse or Carer work?
Contact us via email or telephone to discuss your needs. We will arrange an assessment after which the care will resume.
Am I able to claim for your services via my private health cover?
Are you able to escort patients within the UK and internationally?
We are able to escort patients within the UK and international escort can be arranged with prior arrangement and notice.
What happens if there is a medical emergency whilst the nurse or carer is looking after someone?
Should an emergency happen which involves the service user, the nurse or Care worker will escalate and call the emergency service.

Our staff also have gone through the Statutory mandatory training and they are trained to deliver basic first aid.

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