Complex Care

Complex care to us at Serenity Integrated Care means that we are breaking down the massively dividing fields, sectors, and specialties, to build an integrated ecosystem necessary to provide the most whole-person wholesome care.

Our Complex Care Program offers compassionate care for patients and families who are dealing with a “life-altering” complex condition resultant from injury or disease. The complex care services which we deliver are tailored to the client’s specific needs, wishes and lifestyle choices.
We aim to provide meticulously person-centred care focusing on the client, their strengths and their goals. Person-centred care leverages the client’s relationships and natural daily structures to heal and sustain them.

When dealing with complex care we safeguard the structural barriers to health and support consumers and ensure that they are equitable.

Our complex care is delivered by a team of interprofessional medical, behavioural health, and social service providers, led by the service user themselves so they are always be in control.

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