Compassionate & Person-Centred Care

Serenity Integrated Care (SIC) aims to provide well-coordinated, compassionate and person-centered care to clients within different domiciliary settings. Our priorities as a care provider include:

Carrying out for each client a robust health and social needs assessment, planning care programmes for community-based clients with complex nursing needs as well as implementing complex care regimes.

Working collaboratively with other Health and Social Care agencies to assess, plan and deliver holistic care to patients in their own homes promoting their independence.

Using different care models and applying innovative Information technology to deliver high-quality cost-effective care.

Supporting clients with long term conditions to have the right care, at the right time so that their experience of Health and Social Care is a fulfilling and positive experience.

Serenity Integrated Care aims to deliver the services stated in the support plan as agreed by the client and Social Services Care Manager.

The support plan will include details of the type of service the client will receive such as assistance with personal care, shopping, benefit collection or cleaning.

Working in partnership with General Practitioners (GP's) and other organisations and agencies who are involved in the care of the client to ensure timely information sharing and joint care planning that will enable cost-effective but high quality care delivery.

We at Serenity Integrated Care believe that by adopting a multidisciplinary team approach to working, we will improve communication, learn from each other, utilise available resources more effectively, and avoid duplication of tasks.

We also aim to partner with GPs and other partner organisations to identify clients who are at considerable risk of frequent hospital admissions and through the use of a preventative model, work closely with local GPs and Primary Care Teams to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions, which can be stressful for clients and their families.

Our highly skilled and experienced Infection Prevention and Control team will carry out robust assessments and use state of the art sterilisation technology to help eradicate disease-causing pathogens resulting in safe care environments.

We are committed to improving the lives of the clients and families that we work with. We also aim to work with GPs and Commissioners in promoting the national Health and Wellbeing Agenda by hosting Health Promotion and Wellness Events in those boroughs where we provide services.