About Us

About us

Over the years, we have developed a vast customer base in London and the surrounding areas. With the experience that we have acquired during our journey so far, we ensure that you will receive completely personalised care services that will meet all your requirements.
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Mission Statement

 To provide compassionate support that enables disabled people and people
with health conditions to live independent and fulfilling lives. We work across health and
social sectors to provide an integrated service.
But what this means in practice.

 1.We work with clients to provide the care and support they want and need.
2. We respect that we are there to assist clients with living their lives.

3. We recognise many barriers to independence are caused by attitudes, lack of
access and practices that deny the individual control over their lives.

4. Clients choose how much control they give us in managing their services and we
endeavour to implement clients’ preferences.
When clients need help with exercising their capacity:
1. We work with families, Health and Social Care Services and other agencies to
deliver high quality care and support to meet their holistic health and social care
2. We operate across boundaries and by communicating effectively with our
colleagues in Health and Social Care to support clients with complex needs.
3. Helping clients to make decisions about their lives.
4. We assist clients to access activities.

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