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Serenity Integrated Care is committed to transparency and quality. We welcome and comply with registration and inspection.

Our team is led by experienced nurses who have led an array of domiciliary care services , professional managers and proficient managers. We work closely with other health professionals to ensure our services are safe and responsive.

 Our History

Our founder Taf ,  during her 18 years of serving as a nurse in London realised , how necessary  an “integrated care” service was . She recognised the impact of  fragmented  care as a   compromise to  the quality of clients lives  .Taf saw there was a  need for care that was inter connected and gave clients effective  support and care .

By providing a service that exclusively sought to cater to all care needs , ranging from nail grooming to deliver that unique experience that betters the quality of life for an individual   Driven by her desire to see a change in how care should be provided , serenity integrated was established in 2012

She decided that her lifelong purpose was to fulfil delivering compassionate care to communities and challenging the quality of service that existed .This was the birth of Serenity Integrated Care was established in 2012



Our History

Taf, our founder and Registered Manager, realised integrated care was needed ‘after recognising how fragmented client’s care and support was when she was a community nurse in East London’. Serenity Integrated Care was established in 2012 and they been delivering compassionate care to the communities ever since.

Committed to Delivering Seamless Care


At Serenity Integrated Care, our values are embedded in the way we carry out our day-to-day activities.

The heart of our mission  is to  provide  a caring, compassionate service delivered by highly skilled and competent staff.

We endeavour to communicate effectively with partner organisations and encourage our staff to show the courage to challenge poor practice and to explore more innovative ways of working.

Serenity Integrated Care aims to provide well-coordinated and person-centred care to clients in different domiciliary settings by working collaboratively with other Health and Social Care agencies to assess, planning and delivering holistic care to service users in their own homes, promoting their independence.

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Comprehensive training services

At Serenity Integrated Care, we offer a comprehensive range of carer training services for our clients in London. For more information on our training services, feel free to call us today.

Promoting health and well-being

The health and well-being of our service users is of the utmost importance to us. We are committed to equal opportunities regardless of age, disability, gender or sexual orientation.

Companionship services

It can be easy to become isolated, especially if you don’t have family members or friends living nearby. Contact Serenity Integrated Care today. We offer affordable companionship services to our customers.

Cleaning and handyman services

From general handyman services to cleaning and tidying your home, we will help you with all your needs. Hire our experienced carers today for comprehensive cleaning and handyman services.

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